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Ready for a New website or to Re-design your old one? Do you have a new idea to promote or outdated site that needs help? Are you mobile-friendly? Do you know who your ideal web visitor/client/customer is and how best to engage in conversation with them? Analytics to see what has…(Read More)

Give your visitors what you would appreciate experiencing yourself. Give consideration and value and receive a return. Reciprocity builds community and trust. Trust and “authority” are two things that give people comfort when scanning a webpage. What is your online “persona” and how does it speak your message to your intended audience? How to establish…(Read More)

Recently, a client emailed me with some concern that bookings for her retreat lodging business were down. Her business is somewhat seasonal and most of her rental spaces are closed for the winter, but still she usually has a at least a couple bookings for the chalet vacation rental and/or couple’s coaching retreats…(Read More)