Business Coaching Services


Need an ally and consultant who can speak both technology and human? Considering launching an internet marketing plan and need help understanding what, how and where?

Deciding to build and launch a website or web based business can seem like a daunting task. All those plugins and themes and software and server hosting packages to choose from. Will you “self-host” a WordPress site or get one of those “free blogs” at, Weebly or Wix? What about Squarespace – that seems to be getting a lot of attention these days. Then there are cheap “shared hosting” plans, dedicated and VPS packages, “managed webhosting”,…

Remember – there is no such thing as “free”. When you sign up for a free blog, you immediately see the limitations – from limited functionality and theme choices, to having to live with advertising from some other company. You will be informed that in order to have your own, personal domain name associated with your site, you will have to pay for the “enhanced” package.

beautiful mountain view, 2 people imagingWe can help you brainstorm what you wish to accomplish by having a website and explain what avenues make sense for your needs, future growth and budget. We will hold your hand as we walk together through the myriad of things that need to be considered before you can make an informed choice.

Personal Business Coaching

We will talk with you and provide various “client tools” with which you can discover the “unique voice and persona” you wish to portray on the web and your ISP (Unique Selling Proposition). After accomplishing these important first steps, we can then create the specifications and requirements lists that will determine just what sort of website and functionality will best suit your intent and desires.

John-EriK’s training in NLP provides an excellent basis from which to listen well to what you are trying to accomplish. This, combined with an extensive background in computer programming, web hosting, webmaster services and various online marketing and search engine marketing technologies, make him a unique and talented ally to have in your corner for all your various webmaster needs.

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