How to Write Effective Sales Copy | A.I.D.A. Model



In order to have copy that engages people to take action on your product or service offer, here is an effective system:

  • Attention – get the reader’s attention with a magnetic headline.
  • Interest – Connect with their problem or “pain point”, make it relevant to them.
  • Desire – make them “feel the transformation”. How will their situation be positively impacted by your offering? Have them step into that.
  • Action – Lead the reader to your “call to action” and make it easy for them to do that.


On the average,
five times as many people
read the headline
as read the body copy.

When you have
written your headline,
you have spent eighty cents
out of your dollar.
– David Ogilvy

People are too busy today and if you don’t catch their attention, forget about them reading your webpage, blog and Facebook posts or email.

How can you create a title that captures attention and sounds relevant, not spammy? Your headline, page title or email subject line must answer the question “Why should I invest my time reading further? What’s in it for me?”

What piques
your interest?


Peak their interest. Give them somthing that gives pause. If someone slows down when visiting your site, they are more likely to engage in conversation. Will you be willing and able to meet them in conversation?

What is your
Desire Nature?


People pay attention and eventually take action, when their Desire Nature has been appealed to. When some part of them is aroused to stay a while longer and see what else ya got.

Tell them what
you want them to do
then make it easy
for them to do that.


“Calls to action” are powerful and kind ways to tell your site visitors what you want them to do.

After they scan or read your webpage, what would you most like them to do next? What Next Page visited? What action taken?

Try your AIDA skills now by leaving a comment below. Please be courteous and constructive in your feedback and questions – thank you!

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