New, Redesigned Websites


Ready for a New website or to Re-design your old one?

Do you have a new idea to promote or outdated site that needs help? Are you mobile-friendly? Do you know who your ideal web visitor/client/customer is and how best to engage in conversation with them?

Analytics to see what has happened in the past, and what changes there are in the future after our website fine-tuning or redesign.

Having your own domain name and “self-hosted” website will give you control over your own online presence.

Unlike your Twitter account, Facebook or even a blog, with your own site you will completely own your content. You can post what you like and will be able to export it at any time, should you wish to move to a different server hosting company. But with power comes responcibility.

Social and “free” blog platforms actually “own” your content (remember to read the fine print!) and can use it as they see fit. Remember if it’s free online – then you are the product. Selling your information and usage data to interested third parties, or even banning you and taking down your material if your freedom of expression does not match their increasingly agenda-driven rules and regulations.

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