Which of These Website Hosting and Custom Services Will Most Benefit YOUR Online Business Success?

Click a service listed below for more information and perhaps some great ideas for your website and online success. (Note: some clickable windows may require scrolling to get all the great information available to you. And just click on “Top” links to get back here to the top.):


Concept and Creative Development

Do you have a new idea, or an old site that needs rebirth? How does your brand and concept fit with what is popular and standard today, or do you want to be a Renegade? Perhaps you simply don’t know where to start and need a little coaching?

We can help you compellingly define what you have to offer, who your competitors are and the various web development technologies available to turn your ideas into a beautiful, functional, practical web presence. Let’s have a pow wow and see what we come up with!


Branding and Reputation Management

Perhaps you are in a competitive niche and wish to establish yourself as a leading “go to” site for information, solutions, products and services. We can help you leverage your current marketing and sales materials so you can create a memorable, recognizable brand that is consistent across the many Social Media platforms on which you may wish to promote yourself.

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Crypto-currency Integration with my Website

Bitcoin. Litecoin. Etheriam – Oh My! Are you ready to accept payment in the new crypto language?

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Website Design and Specialty Programming

There are “online brochures” and “24×7 online marketing partners”. Which would you prefer?

An online brochure is a simple site which has the standard, contact, about and home page and a list of your products and services. Problem is, you still have to get people to come to your site, even if it’s pretty or even visually stunning.

Building a website that actually works for you, actively finding people you have never met, for whom your ideas and products and services are the ideal match – that sort of site requires a whole different strategy and design. From the ground up, it has to pay attention to who you are trying to reach. From the very site architecture, navigation, actual page content and supporting images, this site keeps the intended audience in mind each step of the way. It is intended to build trust, establish you and your brand as an authority in your field and it has enough of just the right content to be found in search engines and more importantly, to deliver what the visitor expects when they land on your page.

Remember, not just your Home page will be found in search engines. You need to view each and every page and blog post as a potential “sales agent” for your business. Each page should be unique and on topic and talk mainly about one or two things and also each must logically relate to the site as a whole. What is the main theme and intent of your website and how can each page/post add to your main theme, while also going into more detail about all the little pieces that make up your main theme?

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WordPress and Other CMS Systems – Which is Best?

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Square Space, Wix, Weebly,… so much to choose from these days. Just how do you choose?

We can describe the differences, advantages and disadvantages of development and hosting platforms that will get you started now, while leaving plenty of room for growth in the future.

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Web Hosting and Ongoing Tech Support

Would you rather call the same guy whenever you have a tech issue or question about your site, someone who has personal history with your website? Or be on hold for half hour with someone in India (no offense intended)? JEO Webmaster Services provides quality webhosting and Webmaster Solutions for a limited number of quality clients, on a secure server, physically located at a well established and reputable corporation. Let us be your middleman so you don’t have to speak techno to a new service rep each time you have an issue.

With our Premium Webmaster Monitoring/Maintenance Package, we will take care of regular backups and software updates required to keep your site difficult for hackers to crack. If your site ever does go down, let us take care of restoring the most recent “good” backup, then track down and eliminate the element that broke the site.

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Custom WordPress Web Design

Got a design in mind? See a competitor site you like, but want yours to look unique? We can identify how a particular site was made, what theme, etc. then recreate something similar or design something unique from scratch.

WordPress is arguably the most popular web and blog creating software on the market today and there are tons of developers with varying degrees of proficiency and skill with it, so you can always find a developer who can help you tweak, edit, add new functionality to or totally redesign the look of your website. (Some can take your idea and create a whole theme with it. Others can simply help you install a new theme and update your Contact Us page.)

What do you need? What do you want? What do you deserve?

The good news is there are literally thousands of “themes” and “plugins to choose from to make your site unique. The bad news is there are thousands of “themes” and “plugins to choose from so how do you choose what will be right for you and your needs?

We are skilled at creating custom “styles”, which can override the default styles that come with the various themes available, so we can make your site look like you want it to – not just like all those other Wodrpress sites out there.

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Web Programming and Database Applications

Do you have a custom application in mind that the typical plugins just don’t effectively provide? Do you have a “unique thought” that you are just now dying to share with the world? What is that?

We can design and deliver a custom PHP software and mySQL database programming online solution to deliver the specialized and innovative software functionality you may require to turn you thoughts into reality. Is that worth a conversation? (Later in 2017, we will be available for custom smart phone app development – hook your website to your app!)

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Google Adwords and “Pay-per-click” Advertising

When you do a Google search, often the top results are actually ads from people who are bidding on special keywords. When they do this effectively and efficiently, their ads rise to the top – like cream in a whole milk bottle.

Since Google is in business to gratefully take your money and will help you do that, one can blow a lot quickly, then feel discouraged that there are not enough conversions and quit the damn campaigns, arguing that “it costs too much money for the return on investment”. When you do this, not only do you loose money, you loose the benefit of the valuable market research data available about your campaigns.

Besides being direct advertising, Adwords (and Bing/Yahoo paid advertising) can be an amazing branding tool, as well as an effective market research. When you design and monitor effective campaigns, you can experiment with different messaging and trigger keywords, then measure the results using analytics until you get just the right languaging in your ad content that delivers the right kind of visitor to your site.

Armed with this valuable information, you can then adjust your website content to get more free (organic search) traffic featuring those important, converting keywords.

Paid search as a research tool, combined with SEO for improved Organic search ranking, is a smart and profitable way to get more targeted traffic, leads and sales!

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Web Analytics

Let us analyze your monthly web traffic to identify patterns and trends that can indicate challenges and opportunities available on your website. Are people getting to your “most valuable” content? If not, where do they fall off and what changes can you make to engage people to stay longer on your site? Where are people coming from? The data can help you discover niche markets where you may be able to leverage and expand other marketing outreach efforts.

Besides generating several monthly reports from Google Analytics, we provide an invaluable “executive summary” of the data, pointing out significant findings in friendly, informative summaries so you don’t have to decipher what all those charts and lists mean.

After reading our summaries, the included reports will make so much more sense, since you will be informed just what to look for, and where!

If you can define a couple important business questions that may affect how you outreach and advertise and allocate funds to your marketing efforts, we can design custom reports that will deliver to you the actionable insights you need to more effectively make your business decisions.

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

If you are like me, you are constantly getting offers from SEO companies that just want to offer a few suggestions to get you tons of traffic to your site. Reality is SEO, or search engine optimization, is an art form.

Here at JEO Webmaster Services, We have been at it since before Google (anyone remember “Alta Vista” and the Yahoo Web Directory”?)

There are a number of on-page and off-site techniques that can be employed to strategically, over time, build increasing Organic search ranking for your site. When Google sees this long term trend in natural growth of your SEO factors, it rewards you. When it sees “black hat” and “we can get you 1000 links for just $99” tricks employed, your website will be penalized. The investment you make in quality SEO techniques and services will more than pay for itself in long term, increasing Organic Search Ranking.

SEO is definitely NOT a “one time, set it and forget it” event. It’s about establishing a quality conversation with your web visitors by first researching what it is that they are searching for, then delivering content that speaks to their problems and desires, developing trust and encouraging them to take the actions you wish them to take.

SEO not only helps you get found for the right keyword search queries, it also informs what and how your pages talk about your products and services. It helps you understand how to keep people on your site once theyfind it somewhere and land, and helps you deliver on the promise suggested by the search listing or other web link on which they clicked. They clicked expecting something specific. Will their experience with your website “landing page” satisfy them or just talk about why your stuff is great?

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Webpage Speed Optimization

These days, people have no time. Why should they wait several seconds for your page to load when the browser Back Button is right there for them to click?

It has been said that “performance is more important than pretty” when it comes to websites and this is even more important for online shopping websites. The speed with which your website loads will either give visitors confidence in doing business with you or not – and this confidence will determine whether or not your website Visitor bothers to explore your site and products, or hit the back button to look elsewhere.

You could spend considerable time and money attracting people to your website from online marketing programs and paid ads. That investment would be wasted if, after arriving at your site, a Visitor has a bad user experience and goes elsewhere.

What good is your Specials page if no one gets to it?

If someone found the website, likes the look, has money in hand ready to purchase and is confronted with slow performance, this can impact the level of trust they have about doing business with you. A visitor may think: If your site is slow, how would your customer service be? If the site is not optimized for performance, what quality might your products be?”

Google now includes page load time in its calculation for how to rank web pages. This means the effort you put into making your pages load fast as possible will result in higher “Organic Search” ranking. Very seldom do people look past page 1 in Google for sites to visit when they search. Are you on page 1 or 20? If I can quickly get you higher than page-5, it’s possible to get you on Google page 1.

Remember, you are trying to get repeat customers – not just 1-time purchasers. You want to build a good reputation and have people tell their friends about your site and products. 88% of visitors in a recent study claimed theywould be less likely to come back to a site that was slow. Easily half relate a fast website experience with credibility – the perception of how believable are your claims, products and trustworthiness is influenced simply by your page load speed.

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Patient and Caring Support for the Techno Challenged

We have several clients who are artists and creatives who become flummoxed behind their keyboards. We serve as a tutor and coach, not only providing technical solutions to their needs and problems, but also words of encouragement and coaching to empower them into a “yes I can!” attitude about their website and ability to manage it on their own, or with our ongoing help. And of course, we are always available to do the heavy lifting when major additions and changes are required, or if the client “accidentally did something that messed up the whole site” we are there to calm them down and restore things back to the way they used to be.

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